Irish contact


For your convenience we have a contact person in Ireland who can help to arrange an appointment with our surgery, or organise an initial consultation for you in Ireland if that is more convenient.


Contact details are as follows:

Mr Aidan Arnold
Alfoldi Budapest Central Dental Services

Corduff, Lusk
County Dublin
Mobile number: 00353872512373

Mr Aidan Arnold

We can also help to organise flights, have you picked up at the airport in Budapest if you wish and advise on suitable accommodation to make your stay in Budapest a pleasant one.

Aidan wrote the following letter to the Irish Independent in September 2009 after receiving extensive treatment with us in Budapest.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I missed what I am told was a lively debate in the media last week about the pros and cons of foreign dental treatment. I was at the dentist in Budapest at the time. From personal experience I can say that I have been treated in Hungary by as fine a group of dentists as can exist anywhere in the profession.

Over a nine month period I have been transformed from having no teeth for the last thirty years to having a complete set of perfect implants inserted permanently top and bottom. My wife and daughter have had front teeth which were written off by their Irish dentists now restored to pristine condition. Wisdom teeth have been removed and old teeth have been given a new sparkle and lease of life with professional cleaning, all crafted with state of the art modern dental equipment. Everything was meticulously explained to us, all options were discussed and work of the highest standard was professionally carried out at a fraction of the cost we would have paid in Ireland.

If anyone wants the address of a wonderful Hungarian dentist who is part of a large family run dental practice, I can recommend my dentist unreservedly.
Aidan Arnold.


Alfoldi Budapest Central Dental Services is the dentist Aidan was referring to. We are delighted that he has now agreed to work with us as our Irish representative.